Inexperienced Love

Inexperienced Love is an original musical focused on uncovering the true definition of love. Despite its familiar theme, each of the three story lines is unique. The music stays true to the voice of each narrative, leap-frogging from sweeping duets to spitfire comedy to sex-driven gospel. Two lovers confront each other, two introverted high school students lose themselves to their hormones, and one audience member becomes a prospective fiancée.



Secondhand Shakespeare

Secondhand Shakespeare unveils the conflicted society of the characters in Shakespeare’s First Folio. For years, the secondary characters have lived under the unforgiving reign of the primary characters. These elite Shakespearian creations claim their high societal status based on the complexity and depth of their text, while the Secondaries struggle to find meaning in their existence. The First Merchant, from The Comedy of Errors, has run out of patience, and leads the first rebellion against the oppressive dictatorship of Prince Hamlet.


In this comedic musical, the Secondaries and Primaries are forced to realize the importance of equality and self worth.


Winner: Best Lyrics, Best Script, and Best Direction (Snapshot Series D) at the 2012 West Village Musical Theater Festival.